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The SWAT Approach

SWAT redefines the advertising agency model and it is built to operate as a business transformation agent first. Founded by industry pioneer and NY celebrity Richard Kirshenbaum,  SWAT is spearheaded by a team of business-minded marketing experts with successful track records in executing smart solutions to complex business challenges that propel clients forward. 

We work smart. We strive on work that stands out. We believe in the power of being nimble and constantly providing value to our clients.

4 Pillars of SWAT

Strategically built to tackle challenges from brand inception to brand reinvention.

We build game-changing work in three core areas: invention, reinvention, and business strategy. Because there is no substitute to forward thinking and experience, we do so with a blend of young talent and seasoned industry experts. We call it 5th Avenue meets Bushwick.

Results-first mentality.

We believe the agency of the future will not be digital-first or content-first, it will be focused on results. From high level business strategy to the execution of 360 degree campaigns including below the line and newsroom-style content production, we believe in work that works. Simple.

Specialized in working with major entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial divisions of major companies.

We are built for those passionate enough to create, bold enough to innovate and brave enough to take a leap. Our DNA is rooted in entrepreneurship and while we’ve grown to a full size agency we still operate with the drive of a startup and very much speak the same language.

Often brought in to solve what other agencies could not.

We believe in working smarter and giving our clients all of the meat and none of the fat. We assemble efficient and unique SWAT teams for each project dialing up skill sets and experience as called for. Because some challenges require a partner who is nimble, quick to react and has the freedom to solve problems without the traditional agency red tape.

What We Do:


One of our greatest passion is the invention and launch of new brands.  Strategy, naming, logo, package design and ultimately launch creative. We “Swat up” the most talented individuals and teams in the business to turn a client’s dream to reality. Very often, our creative work becomes a showcase for fundraising where our team's deep experience helps fuel a client’s retail or digital plan.  The birthing of a brand is a unique and exceptional experience, one that we have successfully helped execute for some of the most exciting new brands in the marketplace.


Providing a new energy, fresh strategy, and creative facelift for brands in need of a reboot. We dig to a brand’s core and into the consumer psyche to identify key differentiators and most effective ways to leverage the brand's assets in an entirely new way.

Business Strategy

Given our CEO’s and senior team’s deep business acumen and experience in founding, running, and selling both private and public companies, we are often hired by the world’s most successful companies to solve ground-breaking business challenges. From videos to helping a company fundraise billions internationally, to game changing customer acquisition and retention platform development; our seasoned team enjoys rolling up its sleeves. We pride ourselves in getting down to business with our clients to create real results, not just providing high level consultancy without action.

SWAT Equity

SWAT Equity Partners (“SWAT”) is a venture capital firm formed to discover, incubate and invest in emerging consumer brands across various product, service and commerce sectors.

SWAT is combining its partners’ dynamic combination of investment, financial and operating disciplines with lethal marketing, branding and creative capabilities to identify successful consumer brands and prudently accelerate their growth.

Over 80 years of combined experience in marketing, brand building, operating and investing led by Richard Kirshenbaum, a pioneering marketing executive, Mark Hauser, a seasoned private equity professional and Sarah Foley, a seasoned private equity and angel investor with operating experience. The team has invested over $1 billion of their own or clients’ capital over the past 20 years in many businesses across multiple investment stages.

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